Click the image below to apply via the Google form. All applications need to be submitted via this form, though attachments may be submitted via mail or email. If you have a gmail account, you will be able to submit all requirements vis the form. Gmail addresses are free and extremely easy to add to your smartphone. It is HIGHLY recommended to start the process with a gmail (or other email linked to a Google account).

The application includes a brief biographical statement. Please be prepared to offer information about your son that might be featured in a school newspaper article: Name, high school, activities, clubs and leadership roles… internships and community service, as well as a prospective college option and major. A sample is provided in the application form.

A photo headshot is required (a sample is provided in the form). An unofficial transcript as of June 2020 is also required, as well as an eligibility letter from his school indicating that he is a senior and in good standing with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Having these documents IN ADVANCE will streamline the application process.